Russian Youth Named Most Important Life Goals

Financial security turned out to be the most important life goal for the vast majority of Russian youth, RT reports with reference to the data provided by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. 

The survey participants had to choose three main goals for their lives. According to the experts, 60 per cent of young people surveyed consider financial well-being the main goal of their lives, 29 per cent chose “good emotional climate” in the family, 23 per cent voted for good health (including regular medical examinations), 22 per cent chose hobbies and leisure time, 22 per cent said that decent living conditions are the most important, 21 per cent chose friendship, and only 3 per cent of Russian youth called food control and daily routine their dominant goal in life. About the same number of respondents consider it important to give birth and raise a child; 5 per cent of respondents expressed the hope that they would receive higher education and retain one permanent partner for life.

Ru-Main, 14.07.2020

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