Russian Youth: Traditions Should Be Respected and Superstitions Avoided

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre conducted a survey among residents of Russia aimed at studying people’s attitudes towards national holidays in general and Maslenitsa in particular. 

According to the results of the study, among all traditions and rituals, Maslenitsa celebrations are in second place in popularity among Russians (they are observed by 53 per cent of Russians, more often at the age of 45+). The first place took the tradition of decorating a house with green spruce for the New Year and Christmas (67 per cent), and the third is occupied by visiting holy places and treatment with holy water (40 per cent). It is also specified that for the majority of Russians who observe any rituals, it is important to pass on traditions to their children and grandchildren (83 per cent).

It is noted that for half of Russians Maslenitsa is more of an ethnocultural event (50 per cent). Also, 23 per cent of respondents consider this holiday to be a pagan rite, more often these are 18-35-year-old Russians (27 per cent) and residents of capitals and million-plus cities (26 per cent). In addition, 13 per cent of Russians regard Maslenitsa as an ordinary holiday. It is stated that over the past year, Russians have begun to believe less in omens and superstitions (51 per cent of Russians said so). This opinion is most often held by young Russians aged 18-24 (69 per cent).

However, Russians adhere to various superstitions sometimes. The most popular of them are sitting “for a good way” before a long journey (42 per cent in total and 48 per cent among women), looking in the mirror if they had to come back home to take a forgotten thing (41 per cent in total and 49 per cent of women), knocking on wood not to scare away good luck (34 per cent). Also, 22 per cent of Russians do not take the garbage out of the house after sunset and 13 per cent always carry a talisman with them, while 29 per cent do not believe in any omens.

Ru-Main, 12.03.2021 

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