Russians Сelebrate Important Church Holiday

One of the most important Christian holidays, the Ascension of the Lord, is traditionally celebrated in Russia on the 40th day after Easter. This year, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates it today, on June 10. On this day, it is forbidden to do hard work, quarrel, and swear, VM.RU reports. Despite the fact that the festive meal allows having a small amount of wine, drunkenness was prohibited. 

According to biblical tradition, for 40 days after Easter, Jesus Christ was present on Earth. He came to the apostles and had conversations with them. And on the 40th day, he completed his earthly affairs and ascended to heaven. In ancient times, Ascension was associated with the final onset of summer. There was a belief among people that on this holiday, spring ascends to Heaven together with Christ, making way for summer.

It is not customary to stay at home for Ascension. Nobody liked loners. It was believed that they were planning something bad as they were keeping apart from others. In addition, you cannot do any harm to nature on this day. Therefore, you cannot work in the garden, offend animals and birds. It was also strictly forbidden to fish and hunt. Women were not allowed to do needlework.

Ru-Main, 10.06.2021 

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