Russians Advise: Don’t Behave This Way If You Need Job

The experts of the “” job search service conducted a study and found out for what reasons, in the opinion of Russians, it is possible to be refused a job. More than half of the surveyed (55 per cent) believe that it can happen due to the discrepancy between the skills of an applicant and the requirements of employers.  

In addition, 45 per cent of respondents said that job refusal often occurs due to age, 38 per cent are sure that employment is impossible if the information in the CV is false, and illiterate written and oral speech can interfere with employment in the opinion of 33 per cent of study participants.

Another 31 per cent of respondents noted that an untidy appearance can become an obstacle to getting a job, 30 per cent mentioned the inability to present themselves in the right way, and 25 per cent of respondents are sure that being late for a job interview may become the reason for the refusal.

Also, 14 per cent of Russian residents claimed that the reason for refusal of employment could be the desire of an applicant to receive a too high salary, 11 per cent noted the incompatibility of tempers, and 7 per cent named marital status. It is specified that in the “Other” option, the respondents most often chose that employers’ refusals are influenced by all of the above factors.

Ru-Main, 22.02.2021 

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