Russians Announced Cash Cushion Size for Comfortable Life

The Russians estimated the size of the necessary cash cushion in case of problems with money. According to a survey of Sberbank, the average of the corresponding amount reaches 350 thousand rubles, Izvestia reports.

It is noted that 41 per cent of respondents, most of whom have low and medium incomes, think that a decent life without a cash cushion is impossible. The largest cash cushion is needed by Petersburgers (582 thousand rubles). The second place was taken by Muscovites (521.5 thousand rubles). The top five also includes the residents of Perm (406.5 thousand), Tyumen (402.2 thousand), and Yekaterinburg (396.7 thousand rubles).

It is stated that the smallest requests are in Penza (294.8 thousand), Saratov (286.8 thousand), and Makhachkala (240.1 thousand rubles). It is also reported that in case of job loss men will feel comfortable if there are 418.5 thousand rubles of savings, while for women 277 thousand will be enough.

Ru-Main, 26.05.2020 

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