Russians Approve Their Children’s Intention to Become Scientists

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey of Russians about modern science and found out that more than half of the country’s residents (60 per cent) are interested in the achievements of science and technology. 

It is specified that more often than others, interest in science and technology is expressed by men (73 per cent), Muscovites and Petersburgers (74 per cent), residents of million-plus cities (74 per cent), and cities with a population of 500 to 950 thousand people (70 per cent), as well as citizens with higher and incomplete higher education (72 per cent).

More than half of Russians (52 per cent) read popular science books and articles: 13 per cent read such materials several times a week, 13 per cent several times a month, 26 per cent once a month or less often. Also, three-quarters of Russian residents (74 per cent) watch popular science films and programmes: 26 per cent watch them several times a week, 21 per cent several times a month, and 27 per cent once a month or less often.

The top 5 popular science areas in which Russians are interested are as follows: medicine (38 per cent), astronomy (27 per cent), technical achievements (22 per cent), psychology (20 per cent), biology and biotechnology (20 per cent). Also, residents of the country are interested in Internet technologies (17 per cent), sociology and political science (11 per cent), and physics (9 per cent).

Moreover, the absolute majority of Russians (86 per cent) would react positively to the decision of their child or grandson to become a scientist (8 per cent of respondents would take it negatively).

Ru-Main, 19.05.2021 

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