Russians are Not Afraid of Loneliness – HR Experts Presented New Survey Results

Over the past decade, Russians have become less afraid of loneliness (51 per cent of respondents in 2009 and only 34 per cent now). Bartenders and programmers are least likely to experience this fear, and most often such fear comes to educators and doctors, according to a survey by specialists from the SuperJob job search service. 

So, 66 per cent of Russians admitted that they are not afraid of loneliness. Residents of the country believe that a person who is not burdened by excessive communication and personal obligations always has time for interesting things and hobbies. This is more often an opinion of men (68 per cent versus 62 per cent of women), as well as respondents with an income above 80 thousand rubles and young people under 24 (68 per cent each). It is specified that there are especially many people who are not afraid of being alone among bartenders (91 per cent), programmers (86 per cent), logistics managers (81 per cent), designers (80 per cent) and loaders (77 per cent).

Also, 34 per cent of Russians are afraid of loneliness (11 per cent are sure of this fear, and 23 per cent doubt it). Those who cannot live without constant communication with their close ones are mostly women (38 per cent versus 32 per cent of men), as well as respondents with incomes below 30 thousand rubles (39 per cent) and Russians aged 35 to 44 (36 per cent). Most often, kindergarten teachers (67 per cent), doctors (49 per cent), accountants (44 per cent), purchase managers (43 per cent), storekeepers and pickers (41 per cent) admit this kind of fear.

Ru-Main, 04.04.2021 

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