Russians Begin to Take More Careful Approach to Career Choice

In recent years, more Russians have worked in their speciality received at the university than in previous years. Most often, these are doctors and lawyers, and least often work according to their diploma specialities sales and customer service managers, the SuperJob job search service reports.  

Today, 40 per cent of Russians work in the speciality indicated in their documents on higher education, and 22 per cent of the respondents work in a speciality close to that obtained in a university, while 38 per cent of the respondents do not work in their speciality.

Doctors (100 per cent), lawyers (99 per cent), and chief accountants (92 per cent) are most often employed in their speciality or related field, while sales managers (29 per cent), customer service specialists (31 per cent), and logistics managers (46 per cent) are the least likely to work according to their diploma.

In 2013, when SuperJob conducted a similar study, a smaller number of Russians worked in a speciality received at a university or in related professions (55 per cent then and 62 per cent now). Judging by the comments of the respondents, Russians are trying to be more conscious about building a career, experts stated.

Ru-Main, 13.04.2021 

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