Russians Buy Less Flour and More Dietary Products During Self-Isolation

Russians reduced baking and bread purchase by 62 per cent and almost doubled the demand for anti-cellulite products during the self-isolation regime, RNS reports with reference to the press service of the marketplace Beru. 

The study compared the demand for goods on April 21 and March 24. According to the results, almost 90 per cent increased the number of orders for funds for weight loss and the fight against cellulite. In addition, the demand for dietary products increased (210 per cent for bran and fiber, 108 per cent for products for weight loss, almost 80 per cent for bread, and 64 per cent for cereal bars). On the contrary, people began to order flour confectionery products by 40 per cent less, demand for chocolate and nut paste decreased by 38 per cent, and for chocolate bars and popcorn by 20 per cent.

Ru-Main, 23.04.2020

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