Russians Can Obey Young Boss Only If He Proves He Deserves, Survey States

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a survey and found out how Russians find managers younger than them and which bosses they prefer to have – older or younger than themselves.  

Thus, 15 per cent of Russians have to work under managers younger than themselves. Moreover, 4 per cent of respondents have a boss younger than them by more than 10 years. Also, 3 out of 10 working Russians are about the same age as the head of their organisation. In turn, every second person works under a supervisor older than himself (24 per cent of respondents are 5-10 years younger than their supervisor and 26 per cent are more than 10 years younger than their bosses).

Interestingly, 57 per cent of Russians working under the guidance of an employee of about their own age or older are ready to obey a young boss unconditionally and one in eight – only on certain conditions. Another 12 per cent categorically refuse to work under a young employee.

Among the conditions that a young manager should meet, Russians most often called the correspondence of the position and general adequacy. Some claim that they are ready to obey a person ten or more years younger than themselves only on condition of a salary increase. The Russians named developed leadership qualities, competent and polite communication with subordinates, wisdom, a high level of intelligence, talent, excellence in performance, honesty and the absence of “star disease” as necessary characteristics of a young leader. There are also those who claim that “they will tolerate a young boss only if he does not interfere in the work of subordinates.”

Ru-Main, 25.01.2022
Source: SuperJob 

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