Russians Celebrate Air Force Day [Video]

Today, on August 12, Russians traditionally celebrate the Day of the Air Force of the Russian Federation, or Russian Air Force Day, RadioSputnik reports. On this solemn occasion, the Russian Embassy in the USA congratulated compatriots with a patriotic video.  

Nowadays the Russian military aviation is doing a great job, from border protection and transportation of military equipment to the evacuation of victims of natural anomalies. It is specified that the unmanned direction is actively developing, new models of equipment are being modernized and created. In its arsenal, the Russian Air Force has more than 1,800 aircraft, including over 800 fighters, 200 strike aircraft and the same number of attack aircraft, and also more than 110 strategic and long-range bombers.

It is noted that Russian Air Force Day is celebrated in many cities, but for most of them, it is traditionally that everyone can enter their territory. They usually organize meetings with veterans there, as well as excursions and competitions, displays of modern and rare aviation equipment, parades and air shows with the participation of pilots and parachutists. In addition, on this day, representatives of the country’s leadership and the military department personally congratulate the servicemen and present them with awards. Also, flowers should be laid at the monuments erected in honour of the heroes of military aviation.

Ru-Main, 12.08.2021, Picture: Russian Ministry of Defence 

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