Russians Celebrate Social Worker’s Day

Social Worker’s Day is celebrated in Russia today, on June 8, 2021. The holiday was established by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 27, 2000, and on June 8, 1701, Peter I signed a decree on the creation of the first state almshouse for the poor, sick, and elderly who needed care. 

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As TASS was told in the press service of the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, 1,486 state stationary social service organizations operate in 85 constituent entities of the country (boarding homes for the elderly and disabled, neuropsychiatric boarding schools, veterans’ homes, etc.), in which 278,338 Russians live.

In addition, in Russia, there are 2,112 state semi-stationary social service organizations (centres for helping families and children, social rehabilitation centres) and 1,979 organizations providing social services at home which serve 7,347,468 citizens. In total, they employ over 437 thousand people.

Ru-Main, 08.06.2021 

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