Russians Chose Best Dishes for Christmas [Survey]

The most popular dishes for Christmas among the residents of Russia were named by the participants of the survey of the SuperJob job search service. The results of the survey were at the disposal of the RIA Novosti agency. 

Picture: AiF

According to the survey results, 39 per cent of the men and women surveyed plan to lay a festive table this year. Most of them (30 per cent) will cook meat dishes, such as chicken, duck, pork, goose, turkey, or rabbit.

Also, 27 per cent of respondents will put salads popular on the New Year’s table: Russian salad, vinaigrette, herring under a fur coat, mimosa, and crab salad, while 22 per cent of respondents will decorate their Christmas table with pancakes, sandwiches with caviar, sliced food, and dumplings, as the study says.

Ru-Main, 05.01.2023
Source: Moslenta 

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