Russians Chose Ideal Pension Amount

Residents of Moscow took part in the Sberbank survey and estimated the size of the desired pension. According to the results of the survey, it amounts to 92,000 rubles a month, while on average, the national pension is 61,000 rubles for men and 56,000 rubles for women, Izvestia reported. 

It is noted that in Vladivostok, citizens named a perfect pension to be of 78,000 rubles, and in St. Petersburg it is 70,000 rubles. The most modest claims were among the residents of Ulyanovsk and Yaroslavl (48,000 rubles), Barnaul and Voronezh (49,000 rubles), Izhevsk, Ryazan, Saratov, and Tolyatti (50,00 rubles).

As for the people of different professions, the highest pensions would like to receive marketers, transport, and communications workers, as well as PR sphere employees (64,000 rubles). Those employed in trade and consumer services would like to receive 61,000 rubles, scientists and analysts, 59,000 rubles.

It is stated that to receive a monthly pension of 92,000 rubles, it is necessary to accumulate about 25 million rubles, and it is necessary to invest in foreign exchange, raw materials, and other resources then. The asset manager, Andrey Rusetsky, calculated that to receive a monthly pension of 100,000 rubles for 20 years, it is necessary to invest 29,000 rubles every month in bonds or 14,300 in a portfolio of 80 per cent of shares and 20 per cent of bonds.

Ru-Main, 10.08.2020 

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