Russians Chose Most Important May Holidays

Victory Day that is usually celebrated on May 9 is the main holiday of Russia. In turn, the Day of Spring and Labor (May 1) is perceived as a personal holiday only by every third Russian, according to the results of the survey conducted by specialists of the SuperJob job search service.  

Of all the official state dates, Russians most often perceive Victory Day (78 per cent) and New Year (74 per cent) as personal holidays. 53 per cent of respondents feel the festive mood on March 8 (Women’s Day), 47 per cent on February 23 (Defender’s Day). Christmas is a holiday for 46 per cent, and the Day of Spring and Labor (May 1) for 33 per cent.

It is specified that Victory Day, March 8, February 23, and May Day are more significant for respondents over 45 years old, while Russia Day and National Unity Day are more significant for the generation of 35-44-year-olds. Women perceive New Year, Christmas, March 8, and May 9 as a holiday more often than men.

This year, 53 per cent of Russians will spend the May holidays at home, 17 per cent in the country or in the village, and 11 per cent at work. Also, 5 per cent will go to nature, 4 per cent will travel around Russia (mostly St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Sochi), and 1 per cent of respondents will have a rest abroad (the most often reply was Turkey and Egypt).

Ru-Main, 02.05.2022
Source: Superjob

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