Russians Chose Top Countries for Travelling When Boarders are Open

The majority of Russians are in favour of lifting coronavirus restrictions on international travel, according to the results of the study conducted by the country’s job search service. As experts revealed, every second Russian (53 per cent) supports the World Health Organization’s initiative to lift coronavirus restrictions on international travel to reduce the level of economic and social stress that countries are experiencing. 

As follows from the study results, there are slightly more supporters of the WHO’s initiative among men than among women in Russia (54 per cent and 50 per cent, respectively). Russians under the age of 34 are in favour of lifting restrictions more than their mature compatriots (57 per cent). Also, six out of ten respondents earning from 80 thousand rubles a month and more spoke in support of the initiative.

Answering the question, which country in the world do Russians dream of visiting first of all after the removal of the restrictions, respondents most often named Italy (6 per cent). Then go Spain and Thailand (4 per cent each). The top three is closed by Egypt and Turkey (3 per cent each). In addition, 2 per cent each earned Greece, the Czech Republic, China, and the USA; 1 per cent each got Finland, France, and Germany. As specified, Russian women are more likely to dream about Italy, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, and Turkey, while men’s destinations were the USA and China.

Ru-Main, 24.01.2022
Source: SuperJob 

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