Russians Chose Top Travel Destinations in Spring

The experts of the OneTwoTrip ticket booking service conducted a survey and found that in the spring of 2021, most Russians who took part in the study would like to go to Istanbul (27 per cent of respondents), RT reports.  

In addition, 14 per cent of the study participants would like to go to Sochi, and 6 per cent would travel to Kaliningrad. The top 10 spring preferences of Russians also included St. Petersburg (4.6 per cent), Kislovodsk (2.5 per cent), Dubai (2.5 per cent), Belgrade (2 per cent), and Moscow (1.7 per cent).

Also, the respondents named Crimea (5.5 per cent), namely Yalta (2.5 per cent) and Sevastopol (1 per cent), among the desired tourist travel destinations. In addition, 1.2 per cent of respondents voted for Altai, Kazan, Fethiye, Pyatigorsk, and Cappadocia. At the same time, 54 per cent of the surveyed Russians would like most of all to simply get out into nature.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2021 

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