Russians Consider Artistes to Be Most Beautiful People

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out who the most beautiful people of Russia are by profession, in the opinion of the country’s residents. 

The residents of Russia named artistes (singers, actors and other performers) the most attractive people (34 per cent of the respondents). Another quarter of respondents (25 per cent) noted the extra attractiveness of doctors and for 23 per cent of the study participants, athletes became the most beautiful ones. The top 5 most attractive professions also included pilots (19 per cent of votes) and teachers (16 per cent) (for men).

At the same time, the ratings of men and women differ. Thus, women ranked pilots in second place in beauty (24 per cent of women) versus 14 per cent of men. Also, 23 per cent of women consider athletes and pilots attractive. Interestingly, teachers in the female beauty rating were replaced by diplomats (17 per cent of female voters); in the men’s rating, teachers were ahead of pilots (19 per cent versus 14 per cent, respectively).

Ru-Main, 07.07.2021 

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