Russians Consider Themselves Hard-Working People

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey during which they tried to find out if Russians consider themselves to be hardworking people.  

Experts stated that in Russia the term “procrastination” is often used as a synonym for laziness. So, 6 per cent of Russians explain it as postponing things for later, and 4 per cent, as unwillingness to do something, idleness.

Despite the fact that the majority of Russians have never heard this term (74 per cent) and 13 per cent have heard it but found it difficult to give it an exact definition. Another 30 per cent of Russians are familiar with the habit of putting things off until later (37 per cent more often than young people 18-24 years old), while 66 per cent of the country’s residents do not have such a habit.

The results of the survey also showed that 21 per cent of respondents consider themselves lazy (more often, these are young people of 18-24 years old, 29 per cent), while 73 per cent are sure that they are hardworking (more often, these are women (77 per cent) and elderly Russians over 60 years old (78 per cent). In most cases, Russians who call themselves lazy, do not want or cannot force themselves to do something (11 per cent), postpone things for later, or find reasons not to do something (9 per cent), so they consider that they could have done more (7 per cent). Among the reasons for laziness, respondents most often mentioned lack of will power or inaction due to health reasons (5 per cent), as well as a love for rest and unwillingness to make any efforts (5 per cent).

Those surveyed who consider themselves hardworking, work a lot, seven days a week (30 per cent), keep their household by themselves, have a lot of worries, put things in order at home (18 per cent), like to work and believe that life if movement (15 per cent), or simply do not like to stay passive (12 per cent); some people say they are hard-working because they have a work (10 per cent).

It is specified that only 14 per cent of Russians are never lazy. The rest have certain things that they are sometimes too lazy to do, for example, household chores (13 per cent), cleaning the house (10 per cent), cooking or washing dishes (6 per cent), as well as doing sports, work in the garden, or completing school homework (3 per cent).

Ru-Main, 06.05.2021 

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