Russians Described Perfect New Year Celebration

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a study and found out what activities on New Year’s Eve make the holiday perfect for Russians. The study involved more than 5,000 users of the service from all regions of the country.  

According to 71 per cent of the surveyed residents of Russia, the ideal New Year always takes place in the family circle. However, 17 per cent of respondents prefer parties with friends and 13 per cent of the study participants dream of celebrating the New Year on a trip. Also, 6 per cent of the Russians surveyed indicated would like to work on a festive night and 4 per cent would better celebrate a holiday in the city centre.

For a long weekend, the majority of respondents (53 per cent) planned meetings with family and friends. A quarter of respondents said that they would try to find a part-time job during the holidays, and 24 per cent of the study participants would spend these days at home reading or watching movies in a family circle.

Another 14 per cent of the study participants plan to walk around the city more than usually, 11 per cent of respondents plan to engage in winter sports and 10 per cent are going to study a new profession. Also, 5 per cent of respondents plan to take advanced training courses during the New Year holidays.

Ru-Main, 17.12.2021 

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