Russians Do Not Dream to Become Bosses in Companies

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service conducted a survey of Russians and found out whether the residents of the country would like to head the company they work in. According to the survey results, only 24 per cent of Russians would like to head their company, while 62 per cent of those surveyed do not think about it.  

Men are more ambitious than women, 28 per cent of them dream of becoming a director of their company versus 17 per cent of women. The higher the income level of a person, the more often he says about the desire to head a business in which are hired (19 per cent among respondents with a salary of up to 30 thousand rubles and 27 per cent among respondents earning 80 thousand rubles a month). Most often, those who dream of taking a director’s position are Russians under 24 (34 per cent).

It is specified that programmers dream of becoming directors of companies in which they work more often than representatives of other professions (35 per cent). Also, 31 per cent of purchasing managers, 28 per cent of storekeepers, and 27 per cent of security guards would like to lead the business in which they work. Secretaries (6 per cent), accountants (11 per cent), and doctors (13 per cent) are least likely to dream of a director’s position.

Among the residents of Ufa, the number of those wishing to head their companies turned out to be the largest one (28 per cent). This is followed by Voronezh and Samara (27 per cent each), and also Kazan (26 per cent). Least of all, the residents of Perm (19 per cent), Nizhny Novgorod and Omsk (20 per cent each) shared their dreams of heading the company they work in.

Ru-Main, 14.04.2021 

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