Russians Do Not Feel Jealous When It Comes to Working Relations

The majority of women in Russia (84 per cent) are not jealous of their husband or boyfriend for his co-workers, as they call such a feeling “a sign of distrust” in a couple. In turn, 16 per cent of women confessed to being jealous of colleagues of their husbands and 10 per cent usually even tell their men about their feelings, while another 6 per cent prefer to keep it secret. 

Picture: Psychological Website

According to the women’s comments, Russian ladies are most often concerned about their husband’s daily work in the same office with an attractive girl or about corporate parties with dancing and alcohol.

Among Russian men, there are more jealous people than about the country’s women: 79 per cent of respondents confessed the absence of jealousy in themselves, while 21 per cent said that they are jealous of their wives or girlfriends to their colleagues. Of those who are familiar with jealousy, 11 per cent usually make it clear to their partners and one in ten does not show this, as a rule.

In addition, according to the study results, jealousy is more often recorded among youth: those who are jealous of their partner to his/her colleagues of the opposite gender are slightly more among respondents under 34, which applies to both women and men (18 per cent and 23 per cent, respectively). Among respondents after 45, only 16 per cent of women and 20 per cent of men are jealous of their partners to their colleagues.

Interestingly, compared to the results obtained in 2019 (21 per cent), the number of jealous women in Russia has decreased (16 per cent in 2021), while the number of jealous men almost didn’t change (23 per cent and 21 per cent, respectively).

Ru-Main, 21.10.2021
Source: SuperJob 

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