Russians Do Not Make Special Preparations for Lockdown

Due to the tense situation with the spread of the COVID-19 infection, Russian authorities made a decision to create 1-2 weeks of days off for the country’s residents. However, only 1 out of 10 Russians consider it important to make special preparations for a lockdown. 

In turn, 2 out of 3 Russians are not preparing for non-working days when shopping centres and entertainment facilities will be closed. Judging by the comments, as part of the preparation, those Russians who consider it important, get vaccinated against COVID-19, buy food, prepare for remote work, save money, and plan trips.

Interestingly, Russian men get ready for a lockdown a little more actively than women (11 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively). In addition to the above mentioned, as part of the preparations, men usually buy alcohol and goods for repairs, as well as the completion of current affairs at work, while women buy books and medicines, search for online courses and visit beauty salons.

Ru-Main, 28.10.2021
Source: SuperJob 

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