Russians’ Early Retirement to Be Simplified

Russian Ministry of Labour proposed to amend the lists of jobs, professions, industries, positions and specialities, taking into account which an old-age insurance pension will be assigned ahead of schedule, RG reports. It is proposed to include in such lists the periods of vocational training and additional vocational education of employees in which an employee is absent from the workplace, but an employer pays insurance contributions to the Pension Fund for him. 

It is noted that, according to the law, those citizens who have accumulated a certain work experience in professions, positions and institutions can apply for early retirement. For example, doctors, teachers and public transport workers can retire earlier than others. At the same time, the length of service, which gives the right to early retirement benefits, includes periods of activity during a full working day, for which insurance contributions are paid to the Pension Fund.

It is specified that the work experience also includes the periods of receiving benefits for state social insurance during the period of temporary disability and the annual periods of the main and additional paid leaves. However, the periods when employees are sent for training necessary for further qualified work (for example, doctors need to constantly take advanced training courses), are not included in the total work experience now. That is why workers increasingly began to go to court demanding that periods of study be included in the total work experience required for early retirement.

Ru-Main, 24.02.2021 

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