Russians Expressed Attitude to Love Affair at Work

The experts of the job search service  and SberSvuk streaming service conducted a joint study and found out how many people in Russia had a love affair at work, and how the musical preferences of colleagues influenced their relationships.  

According to the study, 70 per cent of those surveyed have never had a love affair at work. Most of those who had love relationships with colleagues were in equal positions with them (72 per cent of respondents), while 16 per cent of Russian residents had affairs with their bosses and 12 per cent with their subordinates. In addition, 22 per cent of respondent claimed that musical preferences played a significant role in their relationships.

Thus, 17 per cent of respondents noted that music unites them with their loved ones and 5 per cent noticed irritation from different musical preferences. The respondents included Yuri Shatunov‘s “White Roses”, Irina Allegrova‘s “Unfinished Romance”, and Professor Lebedinsky‘s “I Will Kill You The Boatman” among the top songs significant for their relationships at work.

Ru-Main, 13.02.2021 

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