Russians Expressed Opinion About Blogger’s Profession

More than half of Russians (51 per cent) who took part in the survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) and the “Platforma” Social Design Centre believe that blogging is nothing more than a tribute to fashion that will fade sooner or later. On the contrary, 35 per cent are convinced that blogging is a profession of the future. 

Among the survey participants, 40 per cent describe a blogger as a journalist who has an Internet diary or page. Another 14 per cent have only heard the word “blogger” but do not know its meaning, while 8 per cent believe bloggers are online journalists. Another 6 per cent think bloggers are just lazy people who do not want to find a real job.

It is also stated that 64 per cent are convinced that bloggers start this activity for the sake of earning money, 40 per cent claimed that bloggers are people who try to attract attention to themselves, and 32 per cent of the survey participants belived that bloggers are those who have decided to share thoughts or information with others.

It is specified that 75 per cent of the respondents would not like their children or grandchildren to become bloggers, 14 per cent, on the contrary, would like this to happen. Their unwillingness 13 per cent of the survey participants explain by the fact that a blogger is not a “real” (serious) profession.

Ru-Main, 25.09.2020 

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