Russians Expressed Readiness to Overpay for Organic Labelled Products

Every 5th Russian citizen believes that products labeled “bio”, “eco”, “organic” are better than products sold without such marks, and every 3rd is ready to overpay for products if it has the state marking of the organic product, Roskachestvo reports.

Picture: Roscontrol Website

Russian quality control experts stated that most Russians are satisfied with the quality of food consumed. In particular, they are satisfied with fruits (70%), vegetables (64%), and dairy products (64%).

According to the survey, 50% of respondents believe that products labeled “bio”, “eco”, and “organic” do not differ from products without these labels, 20% Russias are sure that such products are generally better than usual. Among those who consider such products better are mostly people with a high level of income (25%) and young people from 18 to 24 years old (30%).

It is noted that 14% of Russian residents try to buy only products labeled “bio”, “eco” and “organic”, 23% pay attention to these labels, but do not attach great importance to them. Products with these markings are in greater demand among residents of million-plus cities (20%).

It was also reported that 34% of Russians are willing to overpay for a product if it is marked with the state labeling of the organic product, and the product is produced without the use of pesticides and plant growth stimulants. Such products mostly preferred by people with high incomes (39%) and women (37%).

Ru-Main, 25.05.2020

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