Russians Expressed Readiness to Pay Using QR Codes

When demonstrating an example of a QR code, 78 per cent of Russians claimed they knew this type of barcode. These were mostly young people (18-34 years old) and residents of large cities, according to the results of the research conducted by the NAFI Analytical Centre.  

It is noted that Russians rarely pay with QR codes, 24 per cent of the surveyed has ever had such an experience, and 76 per cent of Russians have never used QR codes for payment. However, it is stated that Russians are interested in paying through QR codes and 84 per cent of them want to try to pay through them. In particular, 53 per cent will do it selectively, only in familiar or large retail outlets, and 31 per cent wherever it is possible.

It is also specified that among those who use cash, 24 per cent are ready to pay by QR code, while among those who use bank cards this figure is a bit higher (29-30 per cent), and among those who are used to pay from a smartphone, it is the highest (43 per cent).

Ru-Main, 17.10.2020 

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