Russians Feel Proud of Crimea Joining Their Country

According to the experts from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM), the main feeling that Russians experience about the entry of Crimea in general and Sevastopol in particular into Russia is pride (48 per cent) and admiration (15 per cent).  

The majority of Russians assess the integration of Crimea into Russia positively (81 per cent) and absolutely positively (46 per cent). In addition, 82 per cent of Russians believe that by reuniting with Crimea, Russia has proven that it can defend its national interests. It is noted that more than half of respondents (62 per cent) believe that in the near future Crimea can become a world-class resort.

The Russian government did the right thing by accepting Crimea into the Russian Federation (86 per cent). The majority of country residents consider this decision to be right since they consider Crimea to be a primordially Russian land (47 per cent). In addition, they respect the will of the Crimeans (8 per cent), consider them a fraternal people, and encourage the protection of their national interests (7 per cent), considering the uniting with Russian a way to restore historical justice (6 per cent).

Moreover, Crimea and Sevastopol play a key role in ensuring the country’s defence capability (77 per cent). The Russians noted the change in life in the country with the accession of the peninsula, in particular, they mentioned the development of the country’s infrastructure, the construction of roads and bridges (9 per cent), an increase in social services guarantees (5 per cent) and security on the peninsula (5 per cent).

Ru-Main, 15.03.2021 

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