Russians From Several Cities Noticed Fall of Meteorite-Like Object [Video]

Residents of Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Perm, and Kazan noticed the fall of a luminous object that looked like a meteorite in the sky. The corresponding video, shot by an eyewitness, appeared in the Telegram channels of several Russian news agencies.  

Judging by people’s comments, some Russians assumed someone had launched a signal flare on a nearby street or a quadcopter had fallen. In turn, experts suggest it was a meteorite. The estimated size is about a metre in diameter. The object is supposed to be burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to the Moscow Planetarium, the peak of the Leonida meteor shower has now arrived. It was previously announced by them that on the night of November 17-18, the maximum activity of the Leonida meteor shower would occur, thus, about 15 meteors per hour were expected at the zenith. It was specified that the Leonids are very bright and fast white meteors flying into the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 70 km/s.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2021
Source: Lenta 

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