Russians Gave Career Advice to Themselves in Past

Russians over 30 told SuperJob job search service specialists what advice they would give themselves in their early careers.   

If Russians had the opportunity to return to the beginning of their careers, 14 per cent would advise themselves to study more, 11 per cent would be more decisive and not be afraid of anything, 8 per cent would change their field of activity, and 6 per cent of respondents would praise themselves and advise to continue. In turn, another 6 per cent would say they need to work even harder.

In addition, 3 per cent of the respondents would advise themselves to make well-thought-out decisions and 2 per cent of Russians would give themselves the following advice at the beginning of their careers: be independent and not listen to anyone, do what you love, be patient, strive for more and be more active.

Among other advice (31 per cent) that Russians would give themselves at the start of their careers were the following: take care of your health, give up bad habits, don’t trust anyone, value and take care of what you have, don’t give up, believe in yourself, be careful, do not waste time, be more responsible, do not hesitate, do not be lazy, be yourself.

Ru-Main, 17.05.2021 

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