Russians Have No Interest in Colleagues’ Salaries

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service interviewed Russians to find out if they have information about the salaries of their colleagues and bosses. A survey of Russian employers showed that information on salaries is open only in every fifth Russian company (21 per cent). 

According to the survey results, 35 per cent of working Russians know the income of all their colleagues, 45 per cent are aware of the salaries of some of their colleagues, and 38 per cent of working Russians know the level of their bosses’ income. Also, 20 per cent of Russian residents know nothing about the incomes of their colleagues and bosses.

Among respondents who do not have information about the level of income of employees of their company, 24 per cent would like to know how much their colleagues get, and 44 per cent are more interested in how much their bosses earn. Nevertheless, Russians were not curious about calculating other people’s money in general, since most of them do not want to know the income of either colleague (58 per cent) or bosses (46 per cent).

Ru-Main, 06.04.2021 

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