Russians Increased Trust Level to Bloggers

The Romir research holding conducted a survey of Russians on the issue of trust in influencers. According to the results of the study, the actor Konstantin Khabensky became the leader of the Romir Influence Ranking Summer 2021 Top 100. The top 3 also entered the actor Dmitry Nagiev and TV presenter Ivan Urgant.  

Picture: RIA Novosti

In addition to the above-mentioned influencers, bloggers Yuri Dud (4th place) and Ksenia Sobchak (8th place), TV presenters Vladimir Pozner (5th place), Pavel Volya (7th place), and Andrey Malakhov (10th place), as well as director Nikita Mikhalkov (6th place) and singer Alla Pugacheva (9th place) got to the top 10 of the list.

It is important to note that bloggers continue to actively gain the trust of their compatriots. Thus, Russians expressed their confidence in Alexei Pivovarov (30th place), Anastasia Ivleeva (33rd place), Ida Galich (40th place), Ilya Varlamov (41st place), Alisher Morgenshtern (47th place), Egor Kreed (52nd place), Anton Ptushkin ( 56th place), Evgeny Bazhenov, also known as BadComedian (71st place), Aleksey Shcherbakov (84th place), Goar Avetisyan (90th place), Karina Kross (100th place) and others.

It is specified that the influence of Alisher Morgenstern (47th place) who is actively conquering the stage and Vladimir Mashkov (51st) leading an active theatrical activity became much more significant. Their positions rose by 48 points in comparison with April this year. Ida Galich also rose 47 positions in the ranking and now occupies 40th place. Among the influencers who have also significantly strengthened their authority among the population are rapper Timati (44 positions up, 45th place), TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev (35 positions up, 48th place), singer Oleg Gazmanov (28 positions up, 38th place), and comedian Garik Martirosyan ( 26 positions up, 74th place).

Ru-Main, 12.07.2021 

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