Russians Named 10 Main Skills for Successful Career Development

Experts from and VisionLabs which is a part of the Sberbank ecosystem conducted a study and found out which skills are most important for the career development of Russians. According to the study results, more than half of respondents (53 per cent) turned out to be afraid of becoming an unclaimed specialist in the future because they lack modern skills to compete in the labour market (48 per cent). 

Also, 21 per cent of Russian residents are sure that their profession may disappear in the future, and 17 per cent think that robots can replace them. In the “Other” option, the respondents most often indicated that older age might prevent them from being in demand in the future. In this regard, the vast majority of Russians (93 per cent) are ready to gain relevant skills in order to maintain their relevance in the labour market.

According to the residents of the country, the most important skills in Russia are the ability to learn quickly (61 per cent), knowledge of digital literacy (44 per cent), and the importance of multitasking (33 per cent). Another 29 per cent of Russian residents consider the ability to organize teamwork to be an important skill and 24 per cent mentioned the importance of creativity.

In addition, 23 per cent of respondents believe that in the future employees will need to know several foreign languages, 22 per cent indicated the importance of maintaining a balance between personal life and work, 19 per cent of respondents are confident that the importance of skills related to personal and social qualities will increase in the future, 15 per cent consider the ability to teach other people important, and 11 per cent named the skill of self-presentation.

Ru-Main, 07.07.2021 

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