Russians Named Best Singers 2021

Specialists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, in partnership with the ‘Mark No. 1 in Russia’ Award, conducted a study during which they found out who Russians consider the best singers of the country.  

It turned out that Russians consider Oleg Gazmanov to be the best Russian male pop singer of 2021 (19 per cent). In second place was Basta rapper (10 per cent), and the third place is shared by Grigory Leps and Sergey Lazarev (9 per cent each). These are followed by Leonid Agutin and Valery Meladze (8 per cent each).

The best female singer on the Russian stage in 2021 is Polina Gagarina (17 per cent). Pelageya took the second place (13 per cent), and 7 per cent of respondents named Elena Vaenga, Zivert, Sofia Rotaru and Valeria the best singer of the year.

As specified, Polina Gagarina is most popular among young people (26-34 per cent) and residents of cities with millions of inhabitants (19 per cent), Pelageya among residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (19 per cent) and the older generation (17 per cent), while Zivert among young people (11-15 per cent) and residents of cities from 500 to 950 thousand inhabitants (13 per cent).

The leader of the survey, Oleg Gazmanov, is especially popular among citizens aged 60+ (30 per cent), residents of villages (24 per cent) and cities with a population of up to 100 thousand inhabitants (22 per cent), Basta among 25-34-year-olds (19 per cent), and Sergey Lazarev among women, 18-24-year-olds and in cities with a population of up to 100 thousand (13 per cent each).

Ru-Main, 26.10.2021
Source: VTsIOM 

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