Russians Named Characters of Literature Works Looking Like Their Bosses

Service for job search,, and the largest book service in Russia, LitRes, conducted a joint study and found out which literary heroes the bosses of Russian residents resemble most and with which literature work the atmosphere at work can be compared. 

It turned out that most of the respondents (16%) consider their boss to be similar to Pavel Chichikov from Nikolai Gogol‘s novel “Dead Souls”. As the main qualities of this character that connect him to their boss are prudence (36%), greed (34%), and the ability to manipulate (34%). In turn, 15% of the survey participants indicated that their boss resembles the main character of Ilf and Petrov‘s “The Twelve Chairs” Ostap Bender, who was described as prudent (39%), prone to manipulation (32%), and adventurous (30%).

Also, Sherlock Holmes, the detective from Arthur Conan Doyle‘s novels, who was described as smart (54%), fair (44%), and prudent (22%), got into the top three boss types in Russia. Another 11% of respondents said they could compare their boss with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland: stupid (18%), resourceful (22%), and adventurous (28%). Every 10th respondent claimed that their boss is like Big Brother from George Orwell‘s “1984” dystopia: strict (37%) and unfair (29%) manipulator (34%).

In addition, 7% of respondents identified a recognizable image of the authoritative (34%), prudent (33%) and smart (32%) Don Corleone (“The Godfather”, Mario Puzo), as well as strict (35%) and prudent (32%) manipulator (32%) Miranda Priestly (“The Devil Wears Prada”, Lauren Weisberger). Also, 6% of respondents indicated that their managers resemble Voldemort from the Harry Potter books, distinguished by anger (49%), greed (36%) and manipulative nature (36%).

The other 5% of respondents described the image of lazy (30%), stupid (25%) and greedy (24%) Oblomov from the book of the same name by Ivan Goncharov. Besides, 4% of the study participants indicated that their boss is similar to Albus Dumbledore: smart (54%), fair (51%), and kind (40%) director of Hogwarts.

Interestingly, 48% of the surveyed residents of Russia like the type of their boss (Sherlock Holmes (16%), Big Brother (11%), Don Corleone (9%), Albus Dumbledore (8%), and Ostap Bender (7%). As for the dream leader, 21% of respondents would like to see Robin Hood as their boss’ image, 17% Sherlock Holmes, and 15% Albus Dumbledore.

Moreover, 18% of respondents compared the atmosphere at work with the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, 17% of respondents compared it with the comedy “Woe from Wit” by Alexander Griboyedov, and 12% indicated “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy.

Ru-Main, 21.10.2021

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