Russians Named Desired Amount of Savings for Retirement

About a quarter of Russians said that they need 20-50 million rubles for a comfortable life in retirement. This follows from the survey data of the Non-State Pension Fund of Sberbank and Rambler. The survey involved 2,395 people over 18 years old, RBC said. 

It is noted that the amount mentioned above was wished by 27 per cent of the respondents. With this money, Russians plan to travel, maintain their homes, receive quality medical care and eat well. Also, 22 per cent of the respondents said that they will have enough savings of 5-10 million rubles, 18 per cent hope to live on 10 million, and another 14 per cent believe that they need at least one million rubles for retirement.

At the same time, 23 per cent of respondents said that the main condition for a successful career is the achievement of professional excellence and the ability to raise students. And 17 per cent of Russians noted that a successful career is the implementation of the planned projects and the opportunity to arrange the life of children and grandchildren before retirement.

Ru-Main, 09.02.2021 

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