Russians Named Desired Level of Unemployment Benefits

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out how much unemployment benefits, in the opinion of Russians, the state should pay them. According to the survey, 91 per cent of the country’s residents are confident that the state should pay unemployment benefits. 

Also, 39 per cent of respondents are sure that the state should pay unemployment benefits until a citizen finds a suitable job, 23 per cent of respondents believe that benefits must be paid up to six months while looking for work, another 18 per cent of survey participants noted that the duration of payments should be up to one year, and 16 per cent think that payments would be sufficient for 3 months. Another 4 per cent are sure that the state should pay unemployment benefits for more than a year.

On average across Russia, respondents would like to receive 26.6 thousand rubles as unemployment benefits. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, expectations are slightly higher (28.3 thousand rubles and 27.9 thousand rubles, respectively). In Rostov-on-Don, people count on 25.6 thousand rubles, in Nizhny Novgorod, on 22.7 thousand rubles, and in Yekaterinburg, on 21.9 thousand rubles. At the same time, 34 per cent of Russians are sure that the amount of the benefit should decrease with the increase in the period of job search.

Ru-Main, 13.04.2021 

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