Russians Named Desired Wage Level for 2021

Russians on average would like to earn 131.6 thousand rubles a month, RIA Novosti reports citing a study conducted by the job search service. In particular, the desired salary for the male part of the population is 144.3 thousand rubles a month and women would like to receive about 107 thousand rubles a month.  

Despite the lower requests for the desired income, the level of happiness of women in Russia was higher than that of men. Thus, according to the results obtained, 14 per cent of both genders rated their level of happiness at five points. At the same time, 24 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men rated their happiness level at four points.

Also, a third of women (33 per cent) and men (32 per cent) gave an average assessment of their level of happiness (3 points), while 16 per cent of women and 14 per cent of men assessed their level of happiness at 2 points. The survey also showed that men (20 per cent) feel more unhappy than women (15 per cent).

Ru-Main, 19.06.2021

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