Russians Named Favourite New Year Traditions

Russian women most often name the decoration of the Christmas tree as their favourite New Year’s tradition, while men prefer meetings with family and friends, which follows from a New Year’s survey conducted by specialists of the job search service. 

According to the results of the study, the main New Year’s tradition of Russians is to gather with their families and friends (18 per cent of respondents). In second place are the decoration of the Christmas tree and the creation of New Year’s comfort at home (15 per cent). Another 6 per cent of Russians especially enjoy giving and receiving gifts.

In turn, 5 per cent of Russians named as their favourite tradition making wishes under the chimes, 4 per cent each admitted that their favourite holiday customs are fireworks, a feast, as well as a good rest and a sound sleep, and for 3 per cent it is especially pleasant to cook festive dishes. The other 2 per cent of Russians choose to go to the sauna, walk, or watch New Year’s movies.

In addition, 17 per cent of respondents named other favourite holiday traditions, such as travelling, singing, dancing, meeting Father Frost and the Snow Maiden or dressing up like them, organizing culinary competitions and much more.

As specified, Russian women more often than men consider decorating a Christmas tree as their favourite New Year tradition (23 per cent), while men prefer meetings with family and friends (17 per cent). Moreover, those who especially like to give and receive gifts, make wishes, and cook festive dishes are mostly women. Men, in turn, are more likely than women to enjoy a restful sleep, gatherings at the table, a delicious dinner, and a New Year’s sauna.

Ru-Main, 13.12.2021 
Source: SuperJob 

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