Russians Named Most Attractive Professions When Choosing Love Partner

The experts of the job search service, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, conducted a study and found out which professions the residents of Russia consider the most attractive for building relationships. The majority of respondents (62 per cent) would like to see entrepreneurs as their soulmates, 57 per cent would like to build relationships with doctors, and 53 per cent chose IT specialists. 

It is noted that 45 per cent of the survey participants voted for engineers, and the top 5 are closed by teachers (42 per cent). A third of Russian residents dream of an affair with bankers, 32 per cent of the surveyed indicated the attractiveness of cooks, 28 per cent chose the profession of a president, and 27 per cent were for a diplomat. A quarter of the respondents would like to have an affair with the military.

In addition, 20 per cent of Russians consider representatives of professions related to marketing and PR attractive, 17 per cent of respondents would like to have relationships with actors, musicians, or designers. Athletes were chosen as partners by 15 per cent of the respondents, and 14 per cent would fall in love with scientists. The attractiveness of the ministers was noted by 12 per cent of Russians, 9 per cent voted for a pilot, 4 per cent for a driver, and 1 per cent each for a blogger or TV presenter.

Ru-Main, 14.02.2021

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