Russians Named Most Popular Dairy Products’ Brands

Specialists of the Romir research holding conducted a study and derived an index of popularity and trust in the brands of dairy products present in Russia. This year the “Prostokvashino” brand is in the lead in the rating on the popularity index (94 per cent of respondents know it). 

Picture: RBC

The second place is occupied by “Domik v Derevne” (93 per cent), and “Danone” closes the top three (93 per cent). “Activia” and “Danissimo” are equally famous (92 per cent of Russians know them). These are followed by “Chudo” (90 per cent), “Vesely Molochnik” (89 per cent), “Vkusnoteevo” (75 per cent), and “Epica” (56 per cent). It is specified that in general, all brands are better known among women and Russians aged 25-34.

The index of trust is based on the difference between the proportions of respondents who have a positive and negative attitude to a particular brand and reflects consumer confidence in a brand’s honesty. According to the results of the study, most of all the population of the country trusts the “Activia” brand (89 pp). The second place is taken by “Prostokvashino” (89 pp), and “Danone” closes the top three (88 pp). “Danissimo” and “Domik v Derevne” are equally trusted (87 pp).

Ru-Main, 04.06.2021 

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