Russians Named Most Promising Industries for Career Building

The job search service conducted a study and found out which spheres the residents of Russia consider the most promising and which professions are the most interesting for them. Almost half of the respondents (49 per cent) noted that the most promising area for career development is IT. 

It is noted that the top 3 promising areas for career development also included robotics and artificial intelligence (28 per cent each). The respondents claimed that there are good career opportunities in the construction sphere (26 per cent), nanotechnology (25 per cent), and medicine (24 per cent). In addition, 22 per cent of Russians are sure that the most promising field of work is the civil service, 20 per cent voted for the logistics and transport industries, as well as the energy and mining industries.

Prospects in agriculture were noticed by 18 per cent of respondents, in biotechnology by 17 per cent, in the service sector and in entrepreneurship and finance, 15 per cent each. Another 14 per cent of the study participants voted for the development opportunities in the industries and space. Tourism and marketing seem promising for 12 per cent of the surveyed, design and ecology for 11 per cent, and culture for 10 per cent. Only 8 per cent of Russian residents believe that a successful career can be built in the media and 7 per cent are confident in the prospects for HR.

However, specialists warn that indicators of interest in certain professions often contradict data on job prospects in certain industries. For example, the most interesting profession in Russia is that of a designer (26 per cent). In turn, 20 per cent of the respondents said that the profession of a journalist is considered the most exciting one. The same number of respondents named the profession of an engineer, 18 per cent voted for the profession of a scientist, 17 per cent for an artist and a programmer, and 15 per cent for a doctor. In the opinion of 14 per cent of respondents, the most interesting work is the work of cosmonauts, and another 13 per cent of respondents mentioned the profession of a teacher.

Pilot, driver, and financier professions got 12 per cent each 11 per cent of the survey participants consider the work of builders and officials to be interesting ones. Finally, 10 per cent of respondents singled out chefs and bloggers, 8 per cent named sellers, 7 per cent police officers, 4 per cent couriers, and 2 per cent waiters. It is specified that in the “Other” variant, people usually answered guides, psychologists, lawyers, and prosecutors.

Ru-Main, 16.04.2021 

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