Russians Named Perfect Age for Retirement

Russian women dream of retirement at an average of 53 years, while men more often named the age of 55, which follows from the results of a survey conducted by specialists of the SuperJob job search service.  

According to the results of the study, men in Russia most often consider it optimal to retire at 56-60 years (28 per cent of respondents). Other options were: 51 years to 55 years (20 per cent) and 46-50 years (13 per cent). In turn, 11 per cent of Russian men would like to leave work even before the age of 45, while 9 per cent, on the contrary, would like to become pensioners at the age of 61-65. Finally, 7 per cent of men in the country would like to work at least until the age of 66 or even longer.

Interestingly, the average desired retirement age for men is growing with the age of respondents. Thus, it is 54 years for young people under 34, and 57 years for respondents over 45.

Experts note that Russian women most often dream of retiring at the age of 51 to 55 years (39 per cent). Judging by their comments, it is during this period that many women expect to become grandmothers and help their children with grandchildren. Every fifth respondent (20 per cent) considers it right to stop working at 46-50 years, every sixth (16 per cent), at 56-60 years, 7 per cent of women would like to become pensioners before 45, 4 per cent at 61-65 years, and 3 per cent at 66 years and older.

At the same time, the highest desired retirement age is recorded among women younger than 34 years, they would like to use their right to a deserved rest at an average of 55 years.

In addition, among different professional groups, female marketers, designers, and lawyers are the first to dream of retiring on average at 52 years old, and male PR managers, designers, and accountants named on average the age of 54. Also, among women, those who work in the programming sphere would like to continue working the longest period (on average up to 54 years old), and among men, longer than others would like to work HR managers (up to 57 years old).

Ru-Main, 24.08.2021 

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