Russians Named Professions With Too High Salaries

Almost 80 per cent of Russians consider the salaries of officials to be unjustifiably high, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the research conducted by the job search service.  

The majority of respondents (79 per cent) noted that officials in Russia receive too high salaries. Another 38 per cent of respondents claimed that too high salaries are mostly in top management, while 29 per cent of Russians believe that realtors’ salaries are unreasonably high, and 25 per cent named financiers.

In addition, almost one in five people surveyed said that lawyers (22 per cent), sales managers (21 per cent), and IT professionals (21 per cent) receive too much money for their work. In addition, Russians believe that marketers (17 per cent), designers (11 per cent), accountants (5 per cent), doctors (4 per cent), engineers (1 per cent), and teachers (1 per cent) should earn less.

According to residents of Russia, officials should earn about 88.9 thousand rubles a month, top managers 103.2 thousand rubles, and realtors 76.6 thousand rubles. In turn, financiers deserve a salary of 102.3 thousand rubles, lawyers 95.9 thousand rubles, and sales managers 91.2 thousand rubles. The salary of IT specialists, according to respondents, should be 108.6 thousand rubles.

Ru-Main, 08.05.2021 

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