Russians Named Top 3 Most Important Goods for Import Substitution

First of all, it is necessary to establish import substitution of electronics, medicines and food products in the country, Russians believe. At the same time, women are more likely to speak out for the priority of medical goods and food, and men are more likely to speak out for computers, smartphones and industrial equipment. 1,600 representatives of the economically active population from all districts of the country took part in an open survey of the SuperJob high-paying job search service. 

Picture: Metallurgprom

Every fifth Russian (20 per cent) believes that, first of all, it is necessary to establish import substitution of electronics, processors, smartphones, and computers. 18 per cent are convinced that the priority should be the local production of medicines, as well as food. 12 per cent of Russians are sure that import substitution of industrial equipment and cars should be organized primarily. According to 11 per cent of respondents, the country needs to establish production of everything that was previously bought abroad. 8 per cent of respondents spoke about the need to develop their own software in Russia.

Six per cent of Russians consider it necessary to establish the production of domestic household appliances, 5 per cent of clothing and shoes, 4 per cent of railway, water and air transport. 3 per cent are sure of the need to organize the production of personal hygiene items as soon as possible. For household chemicals, medical equipment, tools and cosmetics voted 2 per cent of the surveyed. Another 8 per cent of respondents believes that other goods need import substitution (paper, optics, building materials, animal feed, packaging materials etc.).

As specified, women are more often convinced that it is important to immediately organize the production of domestic medicines, food products, clothes and shoes, hygiene products and household chemicals. In turn, Russian men mostly think that domestic production of electronics, industrial equipment, as well as railway and air transport, are the key priorities of the import substitution.

Ru-Main, 26.05.2022
Source: SuperJob 

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