Russians Named Top Comedians in Country

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data from a survey timed to coincide with April Fool’s Day, which was traditionally celebrated on April 1. During the study, experts found out who is the favourite comedian of Russians. 

Picture: Russian Online Magazine

Russians chose Evgeny Petrosyan and Mikhail Zadornov to be their favourite humorists (15 per cent each). In the second place of the rating is Pavel Volya (12 per cent). Garik Kharlamov and Maxim Galkin closed the top five (7 per cent, respectively).

It turned out that half of Russians watch comic shows on TV; more often, these are Comedy Club (17 per cent), The Ural Dumplings (10 per cent), and Stand Up (8 per cent). Also, 44 per cent of Russians surveyed do not watch television comedy shows at all. A quarter of Russians watch funny shows on the Internet. The most popular are Comedy Club (5 per cent), Stand Up (3 per cent), and What Happened Next? (3 per cent).

The most popular Internet resource for watching humorous programmes among those who watch shows on the Internet is YouTube (81 per cent in total, 95 per cent among 18-24-year-olds). In the second place, there is Instagram (25 per cent; the share is higher among women, 36 per cent). The top three is closed by TikTok (21 per cent).

Besides, Russian comedians can joke freely without any censorship, according to 64 per cent of Russians (more often, this answer was given by respondents over 60 years old, 71 per cent). However, 29 per cent of the surveyed disagree with them; more often, these are young people of 18-24 years old (45 per cent).

Ru-Main, 03.04.2021 

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