Russians Named Worst Ideas for New Year Gifts

Residents of Russia called socks, candles, and cups the most undesirable gifts for the New Year, because, according to respondents, these items are often unnecessary and rarely used.  

The survey results showed that most often unsuitable or unnecessary wardrobe items become unsuccessful gifts for the New Year. These are socks, bathrobes, and T-shirts (5 per cent), according to the SuperJob job search service experts. Souvenirs occupy second place, being represented by the symbols of the year, candles, key rings and magnets (4 per cent). The third place was taken by dishes and kitchen accessories, such as salt shakers, mugs, and appliances (3 per cent). Sweets, hygiene and cosmetics are considered unsuccessful presents by 2 per cent of respondents.

It is specified that wardrobe items are taken as bad choices for a gift mostly by Russian men, while sweets, kitchen utensils and unsuccessful perfumery and cosmetic products – by women. However, according to 24 per cent of respondents, the worst thing that can happen is the absence of any gift for the New Year.

Ru-Main, 02.12.2021 
Source: TASS 

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