Russians Not Ready to Trust Telemedicine

Specialists of the Romir research holding conducted a study dedicated to World Health Day, which is traditionally celebrated on April 7. The experts decided to find out the opinion of Russians about telemedicine. 

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According to the survey results, only a quarter of Russians (26 per cent) are familiar with such an online consultation system, 42 per cent of respondents have a rough idea of ​​this, and 32 per cent do not know anything about telemedicine.

A quarter of Russians (25 per cent) who know about telemedicine trust it to one degree or another, in contrast to the other 57 per cent of respondents. Only 10 per cent of those who know about telemedicine have ever used such services, and 3 per cent of them do it on a regular basis. In turn, 21 per cent of the respondents have not yet had time to try online consultations with doctors, but they plan to do so, and 69 per cent do not have such plans.

The most famous telemedicine service among Russians is Yandex.Health (44 per cent). The top three also included Sberbank Health (29 per cent) and Online Doctor (21 per cent). These are followed by the Unified Medical Portal (20 per cent), TeleMed (11 per cent), the Diagnostic and Telemedicine Centre (10 per cent), Doctor Nearby (10 per cent), SOGAZ Telemedicine (9 per cent), Dr Smart (5 per cent), SmartMed (4 per cent), and OnDoc (3 per cent).

Ru-Main, 07.04.2021 

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