Russians Offered McDonald’s Analogue as Import Substitution

Russians are not upset about the Western sanctions and are already working hard on import substitution. The speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, commenting on the suspension of McDonald’s in Russia, said that it would be easy to replace them with restaurants a la “Uncle Vanya”. And now unknown persons on behalf of the Uncle Vanya brand have already submitted an application for registration to Rospatent on March 12, 2022. 

Picture: Russian Marketing

At the plenary session on March 10, the State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin spoke positively about the departure of McDonald’s from Russia and said that their restaurants should be replaced with domestic ones and called, for example, “Uncle Vanya.”

“McDonald’s – 100% Russian raw materials – announced that they are closing. Well, that’s good! Close up! But only tomorrow there should already be not McDonald’s, but ‘Uncle Vanya’s’. Jobs should be saved and prices reduced,” Volodin suggested.

According to preliminary information, it was reported that representatives of the agricultural holding “Ruspole” submitted an application for registration of a patent for the brand of fast food restaurants “Uncle Vanya”. The logo for the new restaurants chain was created based on the McDonald’s logo.

However, the press service of Ruspole Brands denied this information.

“The legal entities of Ruspole brands holding and the Uncle Vanya brand have nothing to do with the logo created as a meme using the inverted letter ‘M’ of the McDonald’s catering chain enterprises, which has the outlines of the letter ‘B’ in Cyrillic,” the company noted.

Thus, persons using the sign “Uncle Vanya” in their images in the catering services sector may be presented with a claim for compensation.

Moreover, the Ruspole brands stressed that they are not going to replace a foreign brand, and all reports about this are fakes. The press service also added that the company is not going to launch catering networks.

At the moment, Rospatent is investigating “regarding the allegedly submitted application for registration.”

Ru-Main, 18.03.2022 

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